Landscape management

Continuous innovation in environmental tools and solutions, developing patents and valuable assets.
Integration of the environment affected by infrastructures. Contribution of bioengineering “knowhow” in the stabilisation of slopes and rivers.
Assessment and study of environmental restoration solutions.
Completion of environmental works
Plantations of indigenous species
Facilities for mulches and nets for slopes
Application of bio-rolls containment
Installation of gabions
Completion of walls with Krainer systems

Landscape architecture

Sustainability of the proposed application where the reasonability and suitability of the maintenance costs is guaranteed.
Completion of river passages
Construction of greenways
Construction of artificial and natural lakes
Technical assessment and contribution of “knowhow”
Wood walkways

Public parks and gardens

Technical and scientific knowledge as the basis for the development of our projects and proposals for solutions.
Technical assessment in watering systems, plant varieties…
Construction of public parks
Children’s playgrounds
Sand areas
Landscaped areas
Watering facilities
Park remodellings
Improvement of the existing watering system
Tree planting

Private parks and gardens

Training an involved, professional and low-rotation human team to guarantee a high level of service.
Exterior construction spaces of “turnkey” private gardens
Assessment of exterior design
Construction of natural pools
Gabion walls
Automation watering facilities

Urban green

Design on the basis of economic optimisation criteria, with the aim of offering customers reasonable solutions to their needs.
Green walls, Greenwitt system
Vegetable roofs
Interior landscaping
Studies for special solutions