January 13, 2021

La Fageda - A landscape, a place for curing

A project within a big project

The Fageda Co-operative is an extremely important social project-, located in an extraordinary landscape environment, an exceptional fairytale forest in the volcanic area of Garrotxa. The task of creating a green area in the facilities of the Fageda Co-operative was the responsibility of a dual goal, including the green area within an exceptional natural frame and creating a space that provides functional solutions to the social goals aside from responding to other values such as sustainability and respect for a close landscape.

Without entering into the therapeutic and curative possibilities of the use of natural environments and structured green landscapes, the project suggested solutions to the specific functions requested by the Fageda Co-operative, assured technical solutions that guaranteed the natural and environmental efficiency and suggested aesthetic solutions that would create spaces for well-being.

Details of the project

The project had the goal of creating a park – garden within the space of Mas los Casals, with the goal of being a space for leisure, physical activity, relaxation and rest for the centre’s workers and residents.

Separate areas were created using plant elements that offer privacy to the different activity areas – areas for playing, physical exercise, rest and picnic – , and also adding plant elements that integrated the borderline areas of the park with the Natural Park area. Pergolas accompanied by deciduous plants were also installed and, in this way, spaces appropriate for the climate of each period of the year were created.

A network of paths were designed with adapted itineraries and with special care for the pavement to encourage walking as a tool for exercise and relaxation, making the most of the highlighted points to provide general views of the Natural Park.

When making the design of the park-garden, special care was taken to preserve the architecture of dry rock elements, including them in the structure of the paths and functional areas.

Map of La Fageda
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La Fageda

A landscape, a place for curing